Fierytale – Fae Fire Group
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Fae welcomes you fireside, to a magical night.
Sit down by the campfire and enjoy this years Medieval fireshow where we tell three magical tales from the world of FAE. Experience stories told with fire, dancing and music. hear about dragons, demons and brave heroines. See gods do battle and evil defeated.

Current show dates in Visby:
Thursday 8/8 kl 19.00
Friday 9/8 kl 21.00
Saturday 10/8 kl 21.00
in Helge Ands ruin

Discounted tickets and behind the scenes material is available on our Patreon.
Join before August 1st to secure your discounts.

Rek. ålder 5+
Föreställningens längd: ca 45 minuter.

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