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Sweden's most adaptive fire group

Through the years we've had the pleasure to perform at a wide variety of events, ranging from weddings, birthdays and company kick offs to festivals and galas. We've been main acts and background entertainment. We've been sideshows and we've been the pet friendly alternative to fireworks. But most of all, we have been very appreciated by our audiences and our contractors. Our goal has always been to bring something new and exciting to the table and give that little extra in every unique performance. Sometimes we encounter unforeseen issues, when time schedules are suddenly changed or weather turns bad, but we've learned to be creative problem solvers and remain flexible and professional throughout any adversity.

We've performed on concert stages, in castles and old ruins, in abandoned industry locales and in amusement parks. We've performed for a small personal gathering of friends and for full stacks of thousands. On top of telephone kiosks, wood tile flooring, cliffs, in water and on streetcorners. Every stage is unique and gives us new opportunities to work with our fire tools and our disciplines. And if we don't have the tool we need, we build it together with our prop maker Gustav Eriksson (The East Gothia Theatre Company).

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