Animal Friendly Firework Alternatives

Celebrate with style! Enjoy your wedding, new years or jubilée without loud bangs or cracks. Fire and pyro shows are an excellent and animal friendly alternative to traditionall firework displays. Especially if you want your audience to have a more personal experience. Fae Fire Group offers a variety of exciting and eye catching effects and shows that everyone can enjoy.

Night of the jesters

Bells and laughter rings out behind the scenes before the jesters make their entrance. A 15 minute show filled to the brim with fire, sparks, smoke and intrigue. Perfect for the renaissance fair or the Halloween celebration. Wether you want a ghoulish spectacle or a wondrous and humorous debacle, we offer you a medieval themed show guaranteed to entertain.


Aethon is the second installment of our fairytale project; Stories from the Fae. In this fire-fable the audience gets to experience the tale of the ugly duckling in a whole new way. With fire, pyro, tap dancing and acrobatics, all to live music. The fae forest becomes a burning inferno filled with music, mystery and intrigue. And in the middle of all this, the small bird Ashgrey.