FAQ – Fae Fire Group


How many artists are there in Fae Fire group?

Answer: The core group of fae consists of 4 artists, but we continue to work with several different talents. Especially for our bigger shows. Want to know more about our artists, klick [here]

What kind of shows do you do?

Answer: We can basically tailor a fireshow to any theme or venue you have in mind. We have a large wardrobe and prop department to help out with customizasions. We will however NOT participate in shows and events that contain hateful, sexist, homofobic or in other ways demeaning themes and messages. We beleive the magic of fire should bring people closer to each other.

Is that real fire! Won't you burn yourself?

Yes and well, yes. We work a lot with safety. (we see it as a given thing in this business)
We practice A LOT with our tools before we try them out with fire. We educate each other in fire safety and fire fighting techniques and always value caution (well, for the most part). But sometimes accidents do happen and you get a small burn. That's why we always bring our medical resque bag. Even though we rarely get to open it.

Do you have insurance for what you do?

Yes, of course. For your and our own sakes.


Prices can vary, due to several factors, but we do consider ourselves quite cheap. Contact us for an offer. With Fae you get an insured fire group with professional artists, trained in fire safety, professionally edited music, unique costumes and a lot more. (and sually we also burn a lot of flammables)

What fuel do you use?

The most commonly used fuel in the indusrty is parafins such as lamp oil. We continually work to reduce our carbon footprint and have therefore almost completely transitioned to using fossil free/non petroleum based fuels. Right now we mainly use EcoPar®, a fossil free parafin. Othe fuels used in our shows can be chemically cleaned gasoline, ethanol and as mentioned, lamp oil.

Can you teach me to do that?

Yes. We offer workshops both for private and open events, companies and associations. Due to laws and safety we do not teach pyrtechnics. Neither do we teach fire breathing. If you want to learn fire breathing our best tip is: "Don't!". If you're still inclined, do a quick youtube search on "firebreathing gone wrong" and then we'll talk.

Are your previous shows avilable to view somewhere?

Yes. Unibros Production has a Patreon page where all their shows are available, and so by association our shows aswell. We'd love to have you has a patron. Then you can enjoy our full video archive. If not, then we still have a few sneak peeks here on the website. Enjoy!