Fire breathing, Fire eating and Pyrotechnics

The Fire Group that shows you fire the way fire should be seen.


Through fire and art
we create unique experiences

Since 2014 Fae Fire Group has traveled our small corner of the world, telling tall tales, creating dramatic dance numbers and spellbinding audiences with fiery shows and dramas. Our unique blend of dance, theatre, music, storytelling and fire brings out the best of all worlds and really pulls the audience into the show. With our wide range we tailor our audiences experience in a way that makes sure every meeting, every show is a unique meeting between fire artist and spectator.

We do everything from fairy tales told by the campfire to large scale fire and pyro shows. Whether you want to enjoy a calm evening with stories told by a bard with his lute or experience the wow-effect of a flamethrowing post apocalyptic guitarr, we have the entertainment for you.

From Gothenburg, around the world. We perform all around scandinavia and have yearly appearances in venues such as Medieval Week in Visby & Kolmården Zoo.

A picture, a thousand words...

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We have world class customers!