Night of the Demons - Fae Fire Group
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Night of the Demons

As the season of darkness approaches the shadows seems to stir with unnatural energies. Whatever lurks in the shadows will soon come out and play. So be careful, or you yourself might get caught up in the demonic dance of flame and falselight.

Welcome to a fire show that will shine a light through the darkness and spread sparks and jubilations to everyone's enjoyment. With a powerful soundtrack that will move you and later linger in your ear. But Night of the demons is as much a visual as an auditory experience. The show is filled with groundbreaking effects and pyrotechnics as well as captivation choreography. This show is really something extra. Premiered at Halloween at kolmården zoo this show was originally made to be scary yet family friendly. Script and costume can be changed to make the show fit a less spooky or more formal venue.

Recommended age: 5+
This show contains pyrotechnical effects.